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Swim Fit Master Training Programme

Newsletter for January 2014

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back!

I see us all fighting back from the Cassava pie but it is a battle that will be won!

A few important announcements for the new year to do with class schedules, payments and the website and setting up your account.

Class Schedules

There are now classes Monday through Thursday evenings from 6-7pm and every lunch time Monday through Thursday from 12:15-1:15pm.

The M & W noon class is adult learn to swim /stroke improvement. All the rest are training programmes aimed at general fitness and Master and Triathlon training.

There have been a few requests for a Friday or Saturday class around noon but I need FEEDBACK before I commit to the NSC for a day and time! Please!

Class Payments

In order to manage my financial obligations for reserving pool rental times by the lane I am changing the rate structure to a monthly all inclusive membership of $165/month.

That means you can come to any class as many times as you like.

The twice weekly was meant to cover 8 classes per month but most of the time it was covering 9 classes per month and I have adjusted for this.

Very important...

Any outstanding fees due till the end of Dec will be billed to you via email.

Going forward all members please pay the $165 at the beginning of each month - starting today for January.

I am also offering a three month paid in advance discount for $450 which will take you through till the end of March.

Offer ends January 10th.

The punch card proved to be a practical solution for some but turned out to be not practical when I am reserving lanes on total numbers for lane rentals.

Hence paying by the class is still an option but it will be just that - $25/class cash on the deck. All Punch Cards will be honoured till they are used up.


Tsk tsk tsk...when did I say this would be finished? Finally - Log on today after 5pm. Accounts will only be available to paid up monthly members.

Your accounts are ready for loading your swim times and I will be sending all of you who have benchmarks swims from the last few months what I have recorded thus far. I was trying to do this for you all but will not realistically get to everyone in a timely fashion and hopefully your direct involvement will familiarize you better with what I am doing and motivate you.

Very important...

In order to realize the most from the coaching you receive there are a number of things you must focus on...and one of these are time comparisons for goal setting.

The immediate one - right now - is setting up your account with "times" that are supplied under what was the "Resource section" but is now called the "Members Only" on the new Home page.

1st set up your user name and pass word when that is up and running scroll to "Time Standards" Open "www.Fina.Org" and load the qualifying times for your age group and events that you wish to swim or will challenge yourself to for the Master World championships.

Load these!

Triathletes and Open water swimmers I am working on some distances so you can load your events here are as well but for now 800M & 1500M are good benchmarks.

What I wish for you all to do is to populate your account with your benchmark swims and compare them to the Psyche times and world records for motivational and goal setting reasons.

Hope this all makes sense!

The "Members Only" section formerly "Resources" is ready - in some areas - so have a poke around and more and will be on line shortly.

Going forward emails will be brief and only the Title and brief description of the content will be emailed to you.

The content will be filed by Date and Title under the newsletters section.

Lots more to come.