Swim Fit Programmes

Registration for 2020

Registration will be on first come first served basis. Please read the Welcome page carefully as it has most of the pertinent information you might have questions about. In order for me to run an effective class it is important that I have the following information or can assess you so as to best place you in an appropriate class and lane. Many thanks for your cooperation here.

Please complete all information below and submit payment before 1st day of attending.

When you receive your registration email, do not forget to take note of your Member ID. You will need it to sign-in to your Swim Fit account, or if you want to enroll in a new class at a later date.



Please note, your online Swim Fit account will not be activated until your 1st payment has been received.

If you are on a monthly plan, there is a 5 day grace period before an account is closed due to non-payment.

Punch Card users are NOT provided with an online account.

Online access is available to non-swimmers for $60/month.

Please make all payments to HSBC, Acct # 0105 2234 0012 via direct bank transfer by the 1st of each month for that month's classes.

Don't forget to leave a memo on the transfer with: SF "space" First three letters of the month "space" First three letters of your first name "space" First letter of your last name. (Eg: "SF Nov Ric S" for Richard Smith).


By clicking the button below, I waive and release all rights and claims for injuries or damages against Health Tech Limited and its staff. I am of sound mental and physical health and capable of participating in the swim programme. In the event of injury or sickness, Health Tech Limited has my permission to arrange for medical care.

When you submit this form, a copy will be sent to both Swim Fit and your own email address.