Swim Fit Programmes

Welcome to Swimming & Aquatics with Swim Fit

This is not a fashion show so do not worry what you look like! We get all shapes and sizes bound by a common desire to take better care of our health and be a better swimmer! For a lot of people just beginning a swim or aquatics programme there is some mystery and perhaps some intimidation of how things work around a pool environment. How do you choose a programme? Will I be able to keep up? What to do on the first day? etc.

This introduction page is designed to take some of that mystery and anxiety out of all that! First off, everyone and anyone can participate! You just have to know what you want from the programme, where you fit in and what the rules are!

One of the first things is to be completely honest when you fill out the Registration page! It helps us know what to expect when you come to your first class.

Levels Explained

A description of how we decide where we will place you in a class.  Levels Explained

Pool Etiquette

Before starting any swim programme, all swimmers should familiarize themselves with the following best practices for a safe and happy pool. Pool Etiquette

Swimmers' Health Tips

Learn how to avoid potential health problems that may accompany any type of swimming activity.  Health Tips

Swim Kit Maintenance

Tips & tricks to keep your kit fresh, hygenic and in great shape.  Kit Maintenance