Pool Etiquette

Pool Etiquette

In order for you to utilize your pool training time most efficiently, the following "pool etiquette rules" should be implemented by all swimmers.

  1. Try to make the start of each session. Late comers will not have the opportunity to warm up properly and will disrupt the lane and the session.

  2. If they are available, pick up your "kit", a pull buoy, paddles and kick board on your way to the pool and deposit them on the way out. It is preferrable to have your own "kit". Please ask the coach where to get it.

  3. Stick to your assigned lane. The coaches have placed you there according to your ability and fitness level.

  4. Organize yourselves within the lane from the fastest to the slowest. This order may change with different strokes, distances, pull or kick according to who is stronger in these areas. Everyone in the lane should take a turn leading!

  5. Lap Rotation: By having your neighboring lane swimming in the same direction, you are saved smacking hands over lane lines as you pass each other in opposite directions.

  6. When you wish to pass a person in front of you, it is proper pool etiquette to tap their feet. Once you reach the end of the lane, the "tapped swimmer" should then tuck into the corner and should allow you to pass. The "tapped swimmer" should wait a few seconds before following. (Grabbing their ankle and pulling them under you also works, though not advised!)

  7. When you finish a set, move to the side of the lane so others may continue to finish theirs. Regroup and start over.

  8. Reading the clock: Learn to read the "Pace Clock" and use it to make your "off" times!

  9. Swim linguistics: A four hundred free (400) is not the same as four one hundreds free (4x100). Pay attention so you are doing the right thing, and hopefully the same as everyone else!

  10. In order to ensure butterfly is taken out of your workout, you can bribe the Coach with wine, beer, chocolate, homemade cookies, etc.


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