Getting started with Swim Fit

This is not a fashion show so do not worry what you look like! We get all shapes and sizes bound by a common desire to take better care of our health and be a better swimmer! For a lot of people just beginning a swim or aquatics programme there is some mystery and perhaps some intimidation of how things work around a pool environment. How do you choose a programme? Will I be able to keep up? What to do on the first day? etc.

This introduction page is designed to take some of that mystery and anxiety out of all that! First off, everyone and anyone can participate! You just have to know what you want from the programme, where you fit in and what the rules are! One of the first things is to be completely honest when you fill out the Registration page! It helps us know what to expect when you come to your first class.



A pool has 6 to 8 lanes usually and the Coach or Instructor will place you in lane according to your ability and fitness level. Hence, our ability to take all levels in a class. At one end of the swim spectrum will be our very fit and/or high level ability swimmers. At the other end will be our beginner and intermediate swimmers or less fit swimmers who are getting back into the swim of things. Pun intended.

Level 1: Non-Swimmer
Fear of water. Anxious and perhaps panics around water.

Level 2: Non-Swimmer
No fear of water. Has trouble propelling oneself through water or staying afloat.

Level 3: Beginner Swimmer
Is able to swim at least 25M Freestyle in under a minute. Maybe knows of, and perhaps can swim, the other strokes other than Freestyle.

Level 4: Intermediate Swimmer
Is able to swim at least 50M Freestyle in under a minute repeatedly. Can swim the 3 other strokes and understands pool etiquette.

Level 5: Advanced Swimmer
Is able to swim multiple Freestyle laps repeatedly at a steady pace. Can swim the 3 other strokes and understands pool etiquette.


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